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22 Nov Steam Crabs with Shao Xing Wine
ohmycrab 0 34
Ingredient:2nos mud crab,30gm ginger (slice),1 tbsp soy sauce,2 tbsp shao xing wineMethod:1.Prepare the steamer to steam on high heat2.Cut and clean the crabs into convenient pieces3.Place the crab on..
20 Nov Simmered Crabs with Glass Noodle Recipe
ohmycrab 0 28
Ingredient:2 nos (400gm) crab,100gm glass noodle (soaked),1/2 carrot (shredded),1 stalk spring onion (diced),1 red chilli (diced),3 sliced fresh ginger,2 garlic cloves (sliced),150gm broccoli ( cut in..
18 Nov Simmered Crabs in Soy Sauce Wine Recipe
ohmycrab 0 29
Ingredient:1kg crabs,3 tbsp Shaoxing wine,2 tbsp glutinous rice wineSeasoning sauce: (mix well)3 tbsp Maggi light soy sauce, 1tbsp fish sauce300ml chicken stockMethod:1. rinse the crabs, cut into piec..
16 Nov Sweet & Sour Beaten Egg Crabs Recipe
ohmycrab 0 31
Ingredient:2nos (400gm) crab (cut into pieces)1 egg (beaten)1 red chilli50gm old ginger (chopped)30gm garlic cloves (chopped)7 bird's eye chillies (chopped)Tamarind Concentrate:30gm tamarind paste, 80..
18 Aug Fish Soup with Aioli
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